Frequently Asked Questions
I use to attend Fit Body Bootcamp at the same address, is it the same owners?
Nope! Ownership is new! This is a completely different concept and company!
Are you guys a franchise?
Nope! We are a local business with just one location (right now) in Tequesta/Jupiter Florida! However the founder of IN30 owns a company called m.e.l.t. Workout in Connecticut which has been in business since 2010!

Are you guys like cross fit or more like a bootcamp?
NEITHER! :). Our fitness classes are unique in that they are truly group personal training or personal training in the group environment so that we can coach all levels of people at once and correct everyone’s form. Our 30 minute workouts are carefully programmed so that you get the best results, pain free!

What do I wear for my first workout?
Whatever workout clothes you feel comfortable in :). We just ask that you wear a different pair of shoes in than you train in or as a lot of our #in30fam do, wear sandals).

What do I need to bring for my first workout?
All you need is your awesome self and a sweat towel is optional! We hook you up with a water bottle :).

What do I eat before my workout?
If it is first thing in the morning, you do not necessarily need to eat - optional but you do need to drink at least 12 oz of water. We recommend before a fitness class, you eat either a handful of raw nuts + apple OR a greek yogurt + berries.

I hurt myself at a bootcamp/fitness franchise in town and I’m scared to reinjury myself again!
No worries! First and foremost, unlike a lot of gyms, our mantra is “form first, intensity second” as we care more about you exercising safely. From there, our workouts are easy on your joints - no running or jumping!

Is this workout just for people who have to lose weight/ body fat? I am very fit and am looking for a new workout program!
Nope - this is literally for all levels. In a given class, you’ll see everyone from a beginner to a super fit person and everyone in between. Each workout is designed to fully maximize each person's potential, no matter what their current level is.

I use to do personally training but haven’t worked out in years and now am unfit. Can I do this program?
ABSOLUTELY! This is group personal training so coach to where you are. You’ll see people just like you in class. You’ll be amazed at how supportive the environment is and how much you are able to do (news flash - you’ll be able to do better than ya think :) ). And you can work at your own pace to ease into the workout program!

I have sessions on my account! Why is the app trying to charge me credits for class?
This just means you have previously used mindbody before at another place and its not linked to your IN30 group personal training account.
1. Click on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of your phone screen
2. Tap on settings and resend the verification email
3. Check your email

Location - Find Your New Fitness & Fat Loss Family! 
Tequesta / Jupiter, FL Group Personal Training/Fitness Class Facility
Tequesta fitness boot camp and personal training boxing studio
Tequesta Jupiter Personal Training Studio In30 Fit In30 Fat Loss
304 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta FL 33469 - minutes down the road from Jupiter, Fl!

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